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Why Refurbished? Why Not?!

We bring you great savings with the same quality on the same goods.

What exactly does "factory refurbished" mean?

Simple. An item is labeled factory refurbished if it has been returned to the manufacturer for some reason, often times a trivial reason. Because laws protecting the consumer prevent manufacturers from selling anything considered “factory refurbished” as “new”, the next in line gets the best deal. For example:

  • The box was opened.
  • The box was damaged in transit and returned to the manufacturer.
  • The item had a minor cosmetic flaw. It was corrected by the manufacturer, then tested and repackaged like new.
  • The item was defective. It was repaired by the manufacturer, then tested and repackaged like new.
  • The item was a demonstration unit. It was returned to the manufacturer, then tested and repackaged like new.

Many retail stores offer a 30-day money back guarantee on the products they sell. Where do they go when YOU return them? Well, they ultimately return as “factory refurbished”!

What does the manufacturer say about all this?

Manufacturers back their refurbished products and offer a typical warranty from 90 days or much longer.

What really happened to the item?

Of course, it is impossible to know the history of each item. But, for whatever reason the unit gets labeled “factory refurbished”, it is inspected, serviced and repackaged by the manufacturer to meet the original product specifications. All merchandise is warranted by the original manufacturer (unless otherwise specified).

How can I tell the difference?

Generally speaking, you can’t. The box must be labeled “factory refurbished” by law and the unit typically has a new serial number label. That’s all. Oh, and it’s usually repackaged in a new (but boring) plain brown box!

Bottom line, why should I buy refurbished goods?

Save money and get the best value by getting the same items, with a manufacturer’s warranty, at a much lower price. And remember, every refurbished unit is tested before it is resold. Shop smart… shop refurbished!